Strategic Human Resources Management


Human Resources Managers have a critical role to play in driving organizational performance and strategy. They are responsible for the core asset of every organization that drives its strategy and performance - its people. Unfortunately, most HR Managers and professionals are not yet in driver’s seat in their organizations and are not playing this important role well enough. They need the skills and tools to be more “strategic” and get a “seat at the table”, so that they can really drive organizational strategy and performance and make a difference.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply the Strategic HR Framework to a Case Study to position yourself better as a Human Resources Professional;
  • Create the optimal design for your HR organization and identify the key capabilities and competencies required to succeed and add value as a HR professional
  • Use a number of tools for strategy development and implementation to champion and drive strategic planning and implementation initiatives in your organization from your seat in HR;
  • Apply the tools of performance consulting to drive operational effectiveness initiatives with your organization from your seat in HR;
  • Manage organizational change using a number of models and tools for leading change from your seat in HR;
  • Develop and implement programs to drive employee engagement and the employee experience
  • Speak the “language of business” more effectively by using Strategic HR Metrics and Measures for the HR Department in your organization.


  • The Strategic HR Framework and Imperative
  • The HR Organization - Structure, Roles and Capabilities
  • Tools for Strategy
  • Tools for Performance Improvement
  • Tools for Employee Experience Management
  • Tools for Leading Change
  • Strategic HR Metrics

Course Delivery:

  • Video Lectures
  • Case Studies
  • Interactive Activities
  • Games
  • Project-based Learning
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