Retirement Planning


Many people only start thinking about retirement planning when they have a few years to retire, and by this time it is no doubt too late. The best time to start planning towards your retirement is the moment you start working. Organizations should make the investment in providing retirement planning education to ALL its employees at different stages of their careers. Planning for retirement is an on-going activity, and our workshop on Planning Your 3rd Career will equip you to do so.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify all the key issues and considerations regarding planning for retirement and assess their level of preparedness for retirement;
  • Evaluate their lives and careers and take appropriate decisions regarding same that will improve their life in retirement;
  • Explain the most important aspects of the Contributory Pension Scheme in Nigeria and identify key issues in the Scheme that will affect their life in retirement;
  • Identify various means of augmenting their retirement income and take appropriate decisions regarding augmenting their retirement income; and
  • Prepare a plan for managing their life in retirement to ensure that they live healthy, comfortable, fulfilling and impactful lives in retirement.


  • Retirement Planning Basics
  • Managing Your Life and Career Before Retirement
  • Understanding the Contributory Pension Scheme
  • Supporting/Augmenting Your Retirement Savings
  • Managing Your Life in Retirement
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