Performance Consulting


The key role that Human Resources Professionals should play in organizations is driving individual and organizational performance to achieve the strategic goals of the organization. At the end of the program, your Human Resources professionals will be better able to drive organizational performance and add value to your Company. The program will focus on the specific skills, behaviours and tools for identifying performance gaps in Departments, Units and Teams; identifying options for overcoming these gaps; implementing solutions; and monitoring the impact/ROI of these solutions - equipping your HR professionals to become “Internal Business Consultants”.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the role of Human Resources Management Professionals in Performance Consulting based on Dave Ulrich’s Strategic HR Model and describe the basic framework for performance consulting using the Human Performance Improvement (HPI) Model;
  • Describe the four key roles of performance consulting and its two main areas of focus and the difference they make to organizations;
  • Apply a number of tools to identifying root causes to performance challenges in your organization
  • Facilitate the development of solutions to these performance challenges using a number of tools; and
  • Develop and implement a Framework for implementing the solutions, measuring results and pushing for continuous improvement in your organization.

Course Delivery:

  • Video Lectures
  • Case Studies
  • Interactive Activities
  • Games
  • Project-based Learning
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