How to Make Better Decisions


Decisions that we make each day actually translate the Vision and Strategy into results and are therefore very important. Unfortunately, there are limitations of our human cognitive capacity that adversely affect the quality of decisions that we make. It is therefore important to understand these limitations and why they happen and also learn how to overcome them so that we can make better decisions

In this micro-learning Whiteboard session, you will learn about the Five Cognitive Biases that affect the quality of our decision making and a number of actions you can take to overcome each of these biases.

Lesson One - Introduction and Overview
Lesson Two - The First Three Decision Traps
Lesson Three - The Final Two Decision Traps & Review

Please download the Course Workbook and enjoy the learning experience.

Lesson 1: Introduction and Overview

Lesson 2: The First Three Decision Traps

Lesson 3: The Final Two Decision Traps and Review

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