Entrepreneurial Management


What are the most important things that small business owners need to put in place to move from one man to many men? How do you start small and still think global? What are the essential business management skills that every small business owner should have so that they can survive the murky waters of enterprise and take advantage of the huge opportunities that exist? We have learned, taught and put these skills and principles to the test, and are available to share them and much more with budding or intending entrepreneurs.  

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the foundational principles and structures that ensure that organizations can successfully make the transition from being a start-up to be a sustainable organization;
  • Apply the tools for strategic analysis, strategy development and implementation and organizational development to their organizations;
  • Build and sustain the right operational and technology to drive the success of their organizations;
  • Apply the tools for financial management, accounting and financial decision making to their organizations; and
  • Develop and implement effective marketing, sales and customer service programs to achieve their organization’s strategic goals.


  • From One Man to Many;
  • Strategy & People Management
  • Operations & Technology Management

Financial Management; Marketing, Sales & Customer Service

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