Emotional Intelligence and Teamwork


Daniel Goleman in his ground-breaking research showed that up to 85% of the success that individuals are able to achieve is driven by their Emotional Intelligence – their ability to understand and manage themselves, and to understand and manage others. Organizations must therefore build the capabilities for emotional intelligence and teamwork in their teams in order to drive the results and successes that organizations desire.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explore a paradigm-shifting view of success is that will lay the foundation for an elevated understanding of emotional intelligence and teamwork;
  • Identify the pillars of the emotional intelligence framework and the skills and behaviours that drive emotional intelligence.
  • Apply a number of tools to improve your self-awareness and manage yourself better;
  • Apply a number of tools to improve your ability to understand others and make the most out of your relationship with others
  • Demonstrate the skills for demonstrating and fostering teamwork.

Course Content:

  • Overview of Emotional Intelligence
  • Tool for Self-Awareness
  • Tools for Self-Management
  • Tools for Others-Awareness
  • Tools for Others-Management
  • Skills for Demonstrating Teamwork
  • Skills for Fostering Teamwork

Course Delivery:

  • Video Lectures
  • Case Studies
  • Interactive Activities
  • Games
  • Project-based Learning
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