Developing and Implementing Competency Frameworks


The traditional view of Human Resources Management is that it is just an art - managing people and their feelings, and attitudes. The modern and futuristic approach is to think of HR as a Science built on principles and practices and of course - data and inferences that have been tried, tested and proven. Competencies are the demonstrable knowledge skills and behaviours that predict performance in a specific role. With Competency frameworks, the practice of HR can be made more scientific, and therefore, more effective.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of competency frameworks and the various applications of competency frameworks and make a business case for the deployment of competency frameworks in your organization;
  • Build competency framework using either generic competency models or by creating organic competency models;
  • Apply competency models and frameworks to recruitment through competency-based recruitment
  • Use competency models to manage employee learning, leadership development, performance management and career development; and
  • Using a Case Study, apply competency models to driving sales results in your sales and marketing teams.


  • An Overview of Competencies and Competency Models
  • Developing Competency Frameworks
  • Competency Based Recruitment
  • Managing the Employee Life-Cycle with Competencies
  • Case Study: Driving Sales with Competency Measures.
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