Designing Impactful Presentations


Presentation and Public Speaking Skills are essential communication skills that make a big difference in the careers of professionals and leaders that excel in this area. Fortunately, the skills for speaking confidently in public can be learned, and our experience suggests that the design of presentations and speeches is the foundational skill that is required for delivering impactful speeches. If you get the design right, you will most likely get the delivery right too.

This Micro-Learning White-Board Course will help you learn the basic skills for designing impactful presentations using a powerful principle and framework

In Lesson One you will learn about the Primacy and Recency Effect and how it affects your approach to designing and delivering presentations. Lesson Two explores the QSETA framework that builds on the Primacy and Recency Effect, while Lesson Three puts it all together by integrating all you have learned to create the right structure for your Presentation

Lesson One - The Primacy and Recency Effect
Lesson Two - The QSETA Framework
Lesson Three - Putting Your Presentation Together

Please download the Course Workbook and enjoy the learning experience.

Lesson 1: The Primacy and Recency Effect

Lesson 2: The QSETA Framework

Lesson 3: Putting Your Presentation Together

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  • Habeeb Olakitan

    10 days ago

    Structure of the content is easy to understand and straight to the point. Insightful approach to designing ones presentation!

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