Business Acumen for Non-Finance Managers


Wouldn’t it be great if your employees could understand the “Big Picture” when it comes to how your organization works, what your strategy is and how strategic decisions are made based on the financial performance of your organization? To make this happen, organizations need to provide educational opportunities for their employees to learn about business acumen so that they can wear the “hat’ of the business’ owners and speak the language of the business.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the foundational principles of organizations, and strategy and the tools for strategy analysis, development and implementation;
  • Explain the basic principles of corporate financial management, financial accounting and financial reporting;
  • Analyze financial statements and the financial performance of companies using a number of ratios and metrics;
  • Apply the tools of management accounting to make effective decisions within their organizations; and
  • Explain the limitations of financial data and identify other issues that are critical in evaluating the well-being of organizations beyond the data that financial statements provide.


  • Organizations, Strategy & Performance
  • Overview of Financial Management
  • Analyzing Financial Performance
  • Making a Business Case
  • Limitations of Financial Data

Lesson 1: CH 1
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