About Us

The OnlineEfiko as the name suggests is a unique platform rich in African content and context that aggregates and hosts courses and training focused on professional development and organizational learning from a variety of facilitators and trainers to meet the needs of the growing number of online learners in Africa looking to learn and improve themselves in a variety of areas.

You can register and sign up for free to gain access to rich content in a self-paced learning environment from various facilitators and trainers. There are a number of free courses that you can enjoy as well as our exclusive content that you can certainly afford.

Organizations may also register their employees for our programs and tap into the wealth of local expertise that exists in various subject areas. Our dedicated team is also available to support organizations with deploying a Learning Management System similar time ours, but customized to meet your needs.All of these courses are also available to organizations who may want to host them on their own in house Learning Management Systems.

The Efiko is the bookworm, the geek of the nerd as you may understand it and the Online Efiko we have plenty of brilliant thought leaders and facilitators waiting to share their expertise with you and your colleagues.

Facilitators may also register at no cost to host their content here, and we offer very attractive packages to help you spread your expertise and experience with eager learners across the continent, and beyond!